PWF-Exclusive Line

Typically exclusive: The Exclusive Line is only available from PWF specialists, who will also fit the product. Exceptional colours and an outstanding finish ensure the very highest quality – you will be sure to attract envious looks!

Kinetic Butterfly Silver

CC 4305

Try to keep your feet on the ground! Only the most beautiful of butterflies can compete with the dynamism and feel of this lightweight silver look, with its bright light particles. Hence the name: Butterfly Silver.

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Matt Future Military

CC 4094

Brace yourselves! With this color, we fly right into the future. Matt Future Military combines gold metallic particles with a solid, military olive-green to create a truly modern look. This color is for sure not just an appearance – it is a statement!

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Matt Copper Blast

CC 4093

Warm and mysterious – the elegant shine of this color reveals its full effect only on the second glance. Under light, fascinating shades of red come to life and transform the discreet copper tone into a brilliant play of colors – a true Copper Blast!

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Moonstone Grey

CC 4114

Is this color really of this world? Gaze at Moonstone Grey and you’ll soon lose yourself in bright grey, seemingly infinite galaxies. As soon as a touch of light comes into play, thousands of glittering stars in a gentle light blue blend with the radiant grey. Extraterrestrial beauty.

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Matt Grey Noble

CC 4085

Subtly striking and modestly classy – that’s noble. Add to that a sprinkling of metallic particles embedded in the dark grey, which elegantly reflect the light, then you have the perfect color: Grey Noble – for making a truly special impression.

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Matt Bond Gold

CC 4027

All that glitters may not be gold, but you will most definitely sparkle! This smooth, shiny matt gold will give any vehicle an unforgettable finish. A finish that even the world’s most famous secret agent could never imagine in his wildest dreams.

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Matt Sunflower

CC 4200

The entire beauty and power of the sun captured in an incomparably intense color with unrivalled radiance: Sunflower. At first glance, the bright yellow color appears matt and reserved, but once light comes into play you will see the sun’s rays!

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Matt Midnight Purple

CC 4083

Extravagant and daring – that’s Midnight Purple. Thanks to a special combination of metallic paint particles, this color is as dark as the night when lit indirectly. But if a light shines on the wrap, it suddenly shines deep purple!

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Matt Diamond Black

CC 4101

White diamonds are rare and extraordinary. But there are few things rarer than a black diamond, and everyone who sees this color will ask the same question: Is this real? Incredible!

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Matt Diamond White

CC 4025

Admittedly, white tends to look rather dreary on most vehicles. And white paint is kind of boring anyway. But if you combine it with the impressively elegant luminosity and radiance of a diamond, then it’s hard to surpass the style and grace of the overall effect.

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Matt Anodized Red 2.0

CC 4043

Like Anodized Blue, but in red. This color is strong, resistant and dark. And equally impressive. It will make any vehicle a real eye-catcher – for passers-by, your friends and even your grandma!

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PWF-Standard Line

Great colours, exciting pigments and a range of effects – even our Standard Line packs a punch, meaning every vehicle is sure to turn heads. Our PWF range would not be complete without these gems – and neither would you.

Ruby Red

CC 4115

Precious stone or a force of nature? Ruby Red is astonishingly multifaceted. Under low light conditions, it glows ruby red and sparkles just as much as any eye that bears witness to this spectacle of color. Strong light from the front will cause the red to resemble a spewing volcano – red like fire and packing a real punch. A color that is definitely not for the dull.

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Kinetic Dragonfly Black

CC+ 4310

Only the wingbeats of a superfast dragonfly are quicker than the movements of Kinetic Dragonfly Black! When exposed to light, this color appears both extremely intense and impressively graceful, achieving an unmistakable dark lustre.

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Matt Anodized Blue 2.0

CC 4217

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Matt Skylight Blue

CC 4215

Skylight Blue is a master of deception. It first appears as an inconspicuous matt white. But as soon as the light hits it, the highly sophisticated metallic particles inside the paint react and produce a bright blue shimmer!

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Blue Pepper

CC 4109

Sharp. Striking. Exotic. With its cool metallic-blue shine, Blue Pepper is a true eyecatcher. And when its thousands of metallic particles start to glow in the light, this look will turn definitely all heads. Hot and cold at once – a color that unifies opposites.

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Matt Sparkling Berry

CC 4210

Boring? Not a chance! It’s hard to tell whether this is a subtle lilac blue or an intense purple. This matt yet shiny color changes its look depending on the light and the viewer’s mood. This color is as fun to look at as it is to drive with.

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Night Gold

CC 4066

The black of night. A crystal-clear starry sky. Golden moments. This color is sensational! One moment black as the night, suddenly the individual metallic particles begin to sparkle, producing a glittering golden starry sky – this color promises breathtakingly exciting moments.

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Matt Yellow Flash

CC 4038

As if a lightning bolt from the heavens had been captured inside a matt base coat – this colour is bound to grab people's attention in a flash. Wheter you use it on a sporty little ride or a chunky tour bus is completely up to you!

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Matt Caribbean Mint

CC 4032

As clear as the Caribbean Sea, and as beautiful in the right light. At first it appears simple and matt, but when light shines on Caribbean Mint, the special metallic particles in the color react and make it radiate a wonderful beauty.

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Matt Sunrise 2.0

CC 4030

A color which makes every moment an early morning. When exposed to light, embedded metallic particles make the matt orange begin to sparkle. Drive this effect out into the world and greet everyone out there with a wonderful sunrise – even late at night.

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Matt Frozen Bronze

CC 4026

A color which might seem matt at first, but whose metallic particles make it begin to sparkle at just the right moment: Frozen Bronze. You are guaranteed to attract admiring glances and have onlookers frozen with envy.

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Matt Anodized Blue

CC 4020

When chemical processes become art: Anodic oxidation is used to create an elegant protective layer on aluminium. Matt Anodized Blue is based on this technique. If you’re not a scientist, you may be astonished by the sheer beauty which is possible – if only you had paid attention at school!

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Toxic Orange

CC 3007

Matt. Shiny. Orange. An awesome look can be this simple! With its special shine technology and ultra-smooth surface, this color is bound to attract plenty of envious stares – but don’t worry, they won’t stick!

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Matt Saphir

CC 3000

Incredibly strong and graceful at the same time. Reminiscent of a deep blue gemstone, this color shines resplendent for anyone who stops to admire it. But be warned, its beauty is particularly alluring!

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