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The wrap cost highly depends on the condition and model of the vehicle. This also includes costs for any paint preparation, washing and subsequent care that may arise. Our PWF Authorized Performer can provide you with consultation and support. Book an appointment now!

You can find our interactive map here.
By entering your postal code you can find an Authorized Performer in your area with all relevant contact details.

With proper care, you can enjoy your film for a long time. Here you will find our data sheets with further information.

In general, regular basic cleaning is essential. You should treat your film in the same way as you would treat your car paint, but with the filmspecific care series. Your trusted Authorized Performer can also advise you on the topic of care.

We recommend that you only wash your PWF-wrapped car by hand. You can drive to a car wash at your own risk. However, it is best to find out in advance which chemicals are used, as some could be harmful to the film. In addition, it is necessary that you maintain a minimum distance of 80 cm when using a high-pressure sprayer.

Assuming your vehicle paint is still in its original condition, you usually don’t need to worry about your car paint if it is properly prepared and wrapped.

Since quality work takes time, you would have to hand over your car for about a week. Complex design requests and the corresponding workload could take additional time.

Unfortunately, not. If you would like self-healing protection for your car, please take a look here: www.xpel.de

This depends heavily on which printing process the Authorized Performer you trust uses. This has to be tested individually. We recommend that you contact the Authorized Performer in your area. Over the years, many of our customers have achieved positive results.

Within the climate zone of Central Europe, you shouldn’t have any problems with the film. In other climates, given weather conditions and temperatures may affect the durability of the film. You can find more information about the different climate zones on our data sheets.

Our films have a thickness of 110 μ (+/- 20% depending on type). This corresponds to about half the thickness of your debit card.

We offer a corresponding care series for every surface finish. You are welcome to find out more about our different care products here.
Upon request, you will receive the optimal care series for your film from the Authorized Performer of your choosing.

Here we have particularly good news for you. A wrap with car wrapping film is not subject to registration. You can optionally inform your car insurance company. This will not affect your insurance.

Generally speaking, a statutory warranty of 24 months applies to the wrap work (within Germany). In order to claim it, you will need to contact the wrap shop that has initially wrapped your car.

With matt wrapped cars, the contours of the vehicle are particularly highlighted. With gloss films you can hardly tell the difference to paint.

Unfortunately, this is not possible due to our business structure. Since we are a purely B2B company, we are only allowed to sell to commercial wrapping companies.

Existing damages must be completely repaired. These parts can then be wrapped. Unfortunately, rusted parts cannot be wrapped.

Of course, we are a little biased, but if you’re someone who is looking for variety, we definitely recommend getting your car wrapped. Paint is a permanent thing. With film you are guaranteed a different exterior of your car – of course until the next wrap ;). In addition, film offers at least some protection for the paint underneath.

The year of manufacture is not decisive for the wrap. Even a classic car can shine in new splendor with a film. The general condition of the paint is crucial for the application.

With good wrap work, you can’t even tell that the car is wrapped. However, you are still guaranteed to get envious looks.

In general, all painted parts can be wrapped. Unpainted plastic parts are therefore excluded. For freshly repainted parts, an outgassing period of approx. 6 weeks must elapse prior to application.

Regardless of whether it is a car, boat or bicycle for sports enthusiasts – as long as there is a smooth and painted surface, film can be put on it. You can also be inspired by the social media pages of our Authorized Performers.