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Professional Care for Your Car

No film without care!
In addition to high quality material and a professional installation, proper care is important in maintaining the appearance and longevity of BRUXSAFOL films. This includes, regular cleaning and the application of a lasting protective coating.
This way, you can enjoy your wrap for a long time!

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spray bottle, 500 ml, Art. No. T22612
bottle, 500 ml, Art. No. T22601
Gloss Speed DETAILER
spray bottle, 500 ml, Art. No. T22683
spray bottle, 500 ml, Art. No. T22642
can, 200 ml, Art. No. T22621
can, 50 ml, Art. No. T22623
Laquer Puck
Art. No. T22650
Cleaning Sponge
Art. No. T22630
Wash Glove
Art. No. T22690
Premium Cloth
Art. No. T22695
Microfiber Towel
Art. No. T4200


Not all car cleaning materials are suitable for the care of car wrapping films. In order to maintain the life expectancy of BRUXSAFOL films, we recommend the use of our specially developed PWF professional care products.

PWF Car Cleaner


The Car CLEANER impresses with its highly effective and materialfriendly formulation.

PWF Care Produkte

Areas of Application:
The Car CLEANER is suitable for the cleaning of: leather (initially testing in an unseen spot, not suitable for Alcantara or suede), weathered plastics, wheels, insect removal and for almost all surfaces on cars, boats and caravans.

How to use:
First, soak the cleaning sponge with water, then spray the Car CLEANER on the sponge and the stained area. Clean the surface in circular motion. Thereafter thoroughly rinse the cleaning sponge with water then soak again in clean water. Repeat this process until the foam that forms appears light gray (depending on the degree of soiling, approximately 1-3 repetitions).

PWF Car Wash


PWF Care Produkte

Areas of Application:
Suitable for a quick and efficient car wash to remove dirt and grime from paint, chrome, glass, plastic, tires, wheels, and convertible tops.

How to use:
First, rinse the entire vehicle with water. After that, apply CAR WASH directly to the cleaning glove and wash the entire vehicle from top to bottom. Be sure to regularly rinse the cleaning glove with clean water in between washing the panels of the vehicle. Finally, rinse the car with clean water. The water will pearl and roll of the vehicle, which means that the vehicle will nearly dry itself automatically. Any remaining water droplets should be removed with a leather drying towel.


In order for BRUXSAFOL films to retain their color brilliance and resiliency against harmful environmental influences, we recommend the use of one of our coating products.

PWF Care Detailer


PWF Care Produkte

Areas of Application:
An innovative and quick coating option. Dust and fingerprints can be quickly and easily removed. Once applied, the surface is protected for the next four weeks, retaining the matt or gloss color intensity, while also protecting your wrap from negative environmental influences!
The coating is also suitable for chrome!

How to use:
Before applying the SPEED DETAILER, the vehicle must be washed with our CAR WASH! Spray the SPEED DETAILER on the surface and apply in a circular motion – done! Our SPEED DETAILER is free of hydrocarbons and silicone oils! In order to effectively protect your wrap for the duration of its lifespan the SPEED DETAILER should be applied every three to four weeks.

PWF Carnauba Wax


PWF Care Produkte

Areas of Application:
A more durable coating for longer protection. Due to the unique composition with over 20% carnauba, this premium wax leaves a clear protective layer with a hydrophobic effect (water beading effect). The hydrophobic properties prevent dirt and grime from sticking to the wrap. The coating provides brilliance and depth to your wrap, while providing protection for up to six months – truly a top-class coating.

How to use:
Before applying the CARNAUBA WAX, the vehicle must be washed with our CAR WASH! First, apply a hazelnut-sized amount of wax on the black lacquer puck. Then, apply the wax evenly to the film in a circular motion. Leave the wax for a few seconds until a dry layer begins to form, then wipe away with our premium cloth. The wax residues do not have to be completely removed. It is advantageous if there is a small amount of residual dry wax residue remaining on the surface. To realize the full effectiveness of Carnauba, the remaining wax residue can be heated up, thereby liquefying and adhering perfectly to film the surface. This can be done by parking the vehicle in direct sunlight. Once wax cools down again, it dries and hardens into a “lacquer armor”. Any remaining residue can be removed with our premium cloth – done! In order to effectively protect your wrap for the duration of its lifespan the CARNAUBA WAX should be applied every three to six months.

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