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Game rules

Do you remember the good old times of spending our days playing Top Trump, the card game of our childhood? We sat around with our friends and family and compared car characteristics, to see who has the best car. We got some good news: we slightly changed this classic game and gave it the extra touch of PWF. At every date, family event or birthday party; at home, on the plane or at school. With our PWF Top Notch fun is guaranteed.

The classic Top Trump was all about comparing cars and their characteristics. Our Top Notch focuses on car wrapping films. There are two game modes that you can choose between – the classic Top Trump or quartet.

Card structure

Every card consists of:

  • Top part:  PWF color name
  • Top right part: symbol + letter A – D
  • Bottom part: color characteristics

Game mode 1: Top Trump

If you choose to play the Top Trump mode, your goal is to trump other players with the data provided on the card and gain most cards.
All cards have to be mixed and evenly distributed among all players. The cards have to be put in a stack in front of the respective player.
The player that owns a driver license for the most time is allowed to start. The player has to choose a category and read it out loud, e.g. Release Year. All the other players then read out the Release Year indicated on their cards. The player winning the round gets to keep all the other cards of this round and puts it at the bottom of his/her stack. Then the same player continues with asking for the next value of his choosing. If two players read out identical values, they play a second round with the next stack card. The winner wins the cards of both rounds. After one of the players has lost all his cards, all players count the remaining cards on their hands. The one with most cards wins.

This game mode features a total of 5 categories that contain characteristics of the film shown in the card picture. The following categories are possible:

Top Trump – Who will win?

In the category PWF Line, we focus on the line exclusivity. Limited Edition colors beat all the other lines. The Exclusive Line then beats the Standard Line.

Art. No
The player with the highest value wins this category.

Release Year
Since we respect the elderly, this category is won by the player with the film whose release year goes back the furthest.

The one with the lowest number wins.

The player with the highest value wins this category.

Game mode 2: classic quartet

For the classic quartet mode, you will need the symbols in the right upper corner of each card.

There are four cards belonging to each symbol. Those cards are marked with the symbol plus the letters A, B, C or D. The goal is to collect all cards belonging to one symbol and, thus, collect a quartet.

First, all cards are mixed and then distributed among all players. The player that owns a driver license for the most time is allowed to start. The first player asks the player to his left for a card he needs to build his quartet.

Example: „ Do you have high beam A on hand?“

If the other player has this card on hand, he has to pass it to the first player. Now, the first player can continue asking the following players until there is a player that does not have the card he needs. The player not having a card at hand continues and asks for the card he needs, etc. As soon as one player managed to collect an entire quartet, he puts it down on the table in front of him for all players to see. As soon as one player got rid of all the cards in his hand, the player to his left can continue.

The player collecting most quartets is the winner.



Beach Bum, Intense Matt Petrolhead, Tizzy Teal, Matt Caribbean Mint


A/C system
Matt Diamond White, Matt Future Military, Matt Diamond Black, Matt Dark Charcoal


High beam
Miami Blue, Matt Space Mugello, Matt Anodized Dark Blue, Pedal Pusher Purple


Annatto Orange, Blaze Orange, Matt Sunrise, Perfect Peach


Ruby Red, Matt Royal Rose, Matt Anodized Red, Black Opalus


Speed control
Malachite Green, Gymkhana Green, Olea Green, Matt Smaragd


Saffron Yellow, Matt Lizard Lime, Matt Sunflower, Atomic Lime


Matt Bond Gold, Badass Brewster, Badlands Green, Intense Matt Sandstorm