Exclusivity at its Highest Level

PWF presents a new dimension of film exclusivity: the strictly limited special series „Limited Edition“.

PWF now offers individual, exceptional colors in strictly limited quantities for the European market. Only 50 rolls of each color are produced = 50 vehicles, so a maximum of 50 vehicles in Europe will wear the same limited edition color.

Each roll receives an individual serial number, e.g. 05/50 or 50/50 and each „Limited Edition” driver in addition a high quality trophy. Of course, this trophy will also have the serial number of its PWF „Limited Edition” color roll.

More exclusivity is not possible – according to the PWF motto: „Exclusive Color for your Car!”.


Fespa Berlin 15.05.2018

1st Color

Annatto Orange

Fiery, spicy and exotic, like the spice it was named after! The fervid glowing Annatto Orange will definitely turn all heads! This vivid and fierce hue is a true eye catcher in every situation. But it shows its true potential when the sunlight falls on its surface, and the metallic particles transform it into a blazing fireworks. A color which radiates confidence.

2nd Color

Malachite Green
Elegant and mysterious – the deep green Malachite was considered a sign of immortal power in the cultures of old. It adorned the death-mask of Tutanchamun as well as the Chinese Terracotta Army. With Malachite Green, we captured this almost mystical power. And when millions of metallic particles come to life in the sunshine, your car starts to shine in a seemingly supernatural glow – the sensation is perfect.