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A powerful fusion of passion and eccentricity, filled with untamed energy. Like an avenger at night, it tears all attention and leaves the ground below it shaking. Its radiant presence embodies the firm determination that calls for freedom and rebellion. This color definitely belongs to all brave and strong.

Silver grey, illuminated by the moon light, he is chasing through the night. The king of elegance and beauty. No – we are not talking about a silver fox, but about your next car wrapped with our PWF „Matt Silver Fox“ – the film answer to the grace and wildness of a real silver fox.

Remember Adam and Eve in Paradise? Will you be able to resist this tempting glossy red? There is nothing like trying the forbidden fruit and see how “Toxic Apple” will bring a little bit of temptation to your car. We all know how the story ends – Sin will always find a way.

Dive into the world of the glamorous and rich – the newest popstar in the film world. This is not only a color, but also a promise; the promise to be the center of attention, with style and an unforgettable entrance. What are you waiting for? The stage is yours!

With this film you stir up dust – in the truest sense of the word. Unbothered by the dust devil that Intense Matt Sandstorm creates around you, you take off. While the surrounding people wipe the dust off their faces.

What ingredients does it take to become a true petrolhead? Certainly more than just a cool car. A petrolhead is driven like a fanatic who never gets enough of the street buzz. And what else do you need? No idea. But our Intense Matt Petrolhead color certainly helps with that.

Black is beautiful – Indeed! – But if you look closely, Black Opalus is more than just black. This color is a master of transformation, a real chameleon. If you look at the color at the right angle in direct sunlight, the muted black suddenly shifts into a striking red. And you ask yourself: Is it still the same car?

Crass, crasser, Matt Lizard Lime. Introverts and undercover agents need not apply. Because there is one thing Matt Lizard Lime can do like no other: attract attention. So bright that other colors put on their sunglasses. So neon that the highlighter looks pale. So stylish that everyone wants it.

Who doesn’t remember the sound of squeaky chalk on the blackboard in school?  But don’t worry as those times are over, because with this color only one thing squeaks – the tires. Not white, not gray, this is chalk grey. Chalk Grey cruises.

With Badlands Green you immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world with your car. Humanity is threatened by extraterrestrial intelligence, but Badlands Green makes your car smarter than K.I.T.T.. No matter what happens beyond your windshield, you drift through the chaos and fulfill your mission.