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If you translate the word intuition from its Latin origin it actually means “to look inside”. The feeling on making the right decision, apparently without any rational reason. Intuition bears some sort of sudden momentum and appears surprisingly, without a warning. You simply know it: you need this film. On your car. Now.

Rough and unpolished like the slate quarries of the Altlay mines. Slate Gray gives the car a wild and untamed character, as if it had sprung from another millennium. But be careful! Not every driver can tame this color.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the vastness of our universe?  With the Space Shuttle along the Milky Way…  Galactic Beam does not make the vehicle a spaceship, but it does give the car a galactic look. With a range from “black hole” to “purple spiral nebula”, this color enchants with its variety depending on the lighting conditions. Space is within your grasp!

Born in the blistering depth of a sweltering volcano, the black obsidian is a symbol of the primeval powers that created him. This unbridled power is reflected in this color: Obsidian Black – black like the unfathomed depth of the earth.

The entire beauty and power of the sun captured in an incomparably intense color with unrivalled radiance: Sunflower. At first glance, the bright yellow color appears matt and reserved, but once light comes into play you will see the sun’s rays!

Organic, yet metallic. Soft, yet with a bite. Verdoro Green enables the viewer to dive into the deepest jungle. Like the rich green of a palm leaf roof, the color enchants with simple elegance. However when light hits the film, fireworks begin from the gold particles which sparkle with the sun. With this color you will definitely stand out in the urban jungle.

Gold – you should never settle for less. This PWF color turns every cruiser into a luxury class stealth bomber, making it suitable for superheroes and super villains alike.  A well balanced mix of metallic delivers a natural, but elegant color, providing an exclusive look.  It’s as if the vehicle has been forged by the phantoms of the Fort Knox catacombs.

As if a meteor fell from the sky and illuminated the world with its mystical radiance. The mysterious Matt Krypton Green with its supernatural glow and the deep green color inspires dreams of galaxies far, far away. With this hue, your car will make a truly cosmic appearance. Don’t take off right away!

Be in the running! Nardograu represents modern dynamic and strength. On the first glance, the light grey may seem unremarkable, but this is a deceptive impression. Like no other color, Nardograu succeeds in combining confidently stylish elegance with martial simplicity. The right choice for those who don’t want to draw short-lived attention but leave a lasting impression.

Precious stone or a force of nature? Ruby Red is astonishingly multifaceted. Under low light conditions, it glows ruby red and sparkles just as much as any eye that bears witness to this spectacle of color. Strong light from the front will cause the red to resemble a spewing volcano – red like fire and packing a real punch. A color that is definitely not for the dull.