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Born in the blistering depth of a sweltering volcano, the black obsidian is a symbol of the primeval powers that created him. This unbridled power is reflected in this colour: Obsidian

The entire beauty and power of the sun captured in an incomparably intense color with unrivalled radiance: Sunflower. At first glance, the bright yellow color appears matt and reserved, but once light comes into play you will see the sun’s rays!

Be in the running! Nardograu represents modern dynamic and strength. On the first glance, the light grey may seem unremarkable, but this is a deceptive impression. Like no other color, Nardograu succeeds in combining confidently stylish elegance with martial simplicity. The right choice for those who don’t want to draw short-lived attention but leave a lasting impression.

Precious stone or a force of nature? Ruby Red is astonishingly multifaceted. Under low light conditions, it glows ruby red and sparkles just as much as any eye that bears witness to this spectacle of color. Strong light from the front will cause the red to resemble a spewing volcano – red like fire and packing a real punch. A color that is definitely not for the dull.

Extravagant and daring – that’s Midnight Purple. Thanks to a special combination of metallic paint particles, this color is as dark as the night when lit indirectly. But if a light shines on the wrap, it suddenly shines deep purple!

As clear as the Caribbean Sea, and as beautiful in the right light. At first it appears simple and matt, but when light shines on Caribbean Mint, the special metallic particles in the color react and make it radiate a wonderful beauty.

Radiant and mystifying like the gem that gave this look its name. The mysterious Matt Samargd captivates with its deep, rich color, which simultaneously emanates untamedness and calm strength. When the light falls on the dark surface, iridescent metallic particle start to glow and bath the foil in an enigmatic gleam.

A color which makes every moment an early morning. When exposed to light, embedded metallic particles make the matt orange begin to sparkle. Drive this effect out into the world and greet everyone out there with a wonderful sunrise – even late at night.

A color which might seem matt at first, but whose metallic particles make it begin to sparkle at just the right moment: Frozen Bronze. You are guaranteed to attract admiring glances and have onlookers frozen with envy.

Swallowing the light, this dark grey resembles the fur of a black panther, roaming the streets of the urban jungle. Mysterious, threatening, but also imbued with a vigorous elegance, which radiates a capturing fascination, that can’t be escaped. A look that catches the eye: Matt Dark Charcoal.